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False dichotomies availeth nothing. BI data integration is a point along a spectrum that also includes AI-like ontology inference. In fact, in our work for customers and in our software product development in this area going back to 2004, we repeatedly observe and exploit a virtuous feedback cycle between using the RDF-SPARQL-OWL family of technologies to perform what you call "BI-like data integration" and then to perform "AI-like ontology/inference"...which invariably drives a new requirement for *more* BI-like data integration. Etc and etc. In other words, semtech is badass because it powers integration *and* analytics. It will be less badass if people continue to insist upon rhetorical strategies and standardization moves that lop off half of the value proposition. Integration *and* analytics is better than integration alone. In my view, overplaying and over-emphasizing this distinction is a common mistake and a bad approach. It's especially troubling if the distinction is improperly reflected in the charter of this new WG. We're a vendor that has product offerings along many points of this spectrum and our ability to implement the standards that come out of this WG is bounded by the degree to which the WG's work enables *all* points along the spectrum, not just some of them.
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May 16, 2012