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Sarah, I love reading your articles - very interesting, informative and thought provoking. Now, I know I have not had a child, but I know myself and am perverse enough that if someone tried these tactics on me re: breastfeeding, it would get my back up (although I wouldn't say anything, just nod and agree pleasantly). However, I would go with the formula just to see if I could prove them wrong (and vice versa if they were pushing formula feeding). Especially since I and my siblings were fed both ways and I know plenty of people who have done one or the other exclusively. My sister breastfed for about 3 months before stopping (she had wanted to go at least 6 months) - it was just too much since she was pretty much on her own, she had to go back to full time work after 6 weeks, and day care did not want to deal with storing/giving breast milk from all the mothers (it would be rather overwhelming to keep it all straight and heaven forfend they mixed up the milk ....).
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Aug 12, 2011