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The most important issue should be the last sentance of the article "At the end of the day, the critical question is whether the money they have embezzled is being recovered? If yes, where is the money?". I am out.
I have always admired Hon Ayah for his open mindedness and fair politics. I prefer him being an in-house peg-in-the-eye of CPDM. I am afraid as soon we might hear.....sad news about him. May God protect him from evil intentions of the regime. Uncle K
Interesting!! I commend that courage. The gentleman was reporting a father to his son. In that case do not expect any action.
Ateba is also a young kangaroo in the mothers pouch. The blood of bad leadership and governance runs in his blood. There is one thing to note. Time is running out for the present ruling class and group in Cameroon as most of us have turned to God for divine intervention. Let us wait and see.
Cavaye is the "Biya" of the national assembly. He will also leave whenever Mr. Biya leaves the Presidency. Cameroon styled democracy my ass!! Shame on to intellectuals such as University dons who are part of the mess. All i know is that God will deliver the country no sooner than later.
It is sad. Absolutely sad and ridiculous to get these words from a President whose people; be them youths or old, are agitating for a just course. Rather i call this a treat or menace, a typical portrait of a dictator now taking a tyrannic approach. This is a proof of insensitivity of Mr President to the plight of his people. The truth is that Cameroonians are fed up with his regime and we need a change. These recent happenings are indications that over 95% of us want a change, be it political, economic or social. Your time is up!!!!!!
It is just the beginning. The pot is still boiling and when it is time, the ebullition will spill over all the country. Longue Longue has said it all " try and you will see". The repressive regime has failed Cameroonians and her time is around the corner. The so call communication Minister will ban all private press, sensor programs of CRTV but one thing is clear: light can not be hidden under a chair. Cameroonians have been too patient and they will no longer wait to die in silence.
There is time in the life of a human being when he or she is active to serve society and time to quit service and retire. Leadership is not excluded as a service. It is proven that from 65 years of age the systems of the human body starts to degenerate. This affects activity and output of the individual. The leadership class of Cameroon is no doubt old and their performance has gone record low. The Cameroon of today is a reflection of the kind of leadership we have. Mr. Biya ought to have retired some 10 years ago to give way to a vibrant political class but shamefully he as many African rulers want to hang on till death do part them away. No problem it will. Considering the present average life span, after 65 years the natural call is just around the corner. I am not a prophet but just a concerned Cameroonian. Kenedy Epie Helsinki, Finland
I have been a regular listener and contributed to the morning safari program several times while in Cameroon. This was (since the program has been faced-off) one of the few fora Anglophone Cameroonians had to freely express their opinions. There is no doubt that the Biya regime will continue to manifest its dictatorial skills. Censorship is a violation of human rights and freedoms of speech and expression. This is a sign that time is running out for the geronto-ruling class in the country. Mr. Minister, from your name i do not doubt your actions but remember that what ever you do today will hunt you tomorrow. kenedy Epie Helsinki, Finland
I strongly support the stand point of Professor Nkwi that the amendment of the Constitution should not be an affair of the ruling party, proposing that a constitutional review committee be created to examine which articles of the Constitution are due amendment. This is how a learned Patriot should serve the fatherland not the likes of Ngolle Ngolle who have sold their intellects to become psycho-fans of Mr. Biya. Thanks for being a good example of the academia. kenedy Epie Helsinki, Finland
Shame to a learned tribes man in the name of Prof. Elvis Ngolle Ngolle. He is the first Professor in International Relations who romances with bad governance and dictatorship. I doubt the contents of his lectures at IRIC, Yaounde. Professors in his capacity elsewhere are liberal in their political views and strong advocates of democracy in the real sense of it. He is a disgrace to the US University where he obtained his PhD. kenedy Epie Helsinki, Finland.
There is nothing to hide about in the fact that Cameroon will be thrown into confusion and disunity if these few CPDM individuals succeed in pushing through the Biya-for-life agenda. The gentility of Cameroonians should not be taken for granted. A docile lion always remains a brave lion who fights till death. I advice that the regime recruit more Ewondos and Bulus into the Police force to cope with what will befall the nation. Remember Kenya can never be the same peaceful country again.
All i could say is that South West Chiefs are not different from the CPDM dominated parliament. They have all sold their consciences to the detriment of us their children and other generations to come. It is time they keep political-fooling-around aside and talk hard on development issues of the province. South West need just roads: taring of principal roads and maintenance of farm to market roads. South West Chiefs must wake up and be bold to call a spade a spade. Kenedy Epie Helsinki, Finland
It is a shame. Shame indeed! When nations are trying to forge ahead from the primitive one-president-for-life system of government, some few selfish and naive Cameroonians are clamoring for Biya-forever. I agree with the US ambassador that most constitutional amendments are done through a referendum. Never the less, with the rigging machinery in place, the decision of the majority will always be manipulated. If opportune, I will ask Mr. Biya what he still want to do for Cameroonians at over mid 70 that he could not do some 26 years ago? Surely he want to be another Bongo whose profession in his ID card is President de la Republic. What a shame! Remember the call to nature will not keep you there forever. Take a leave and enjoy your last days with your beautiful wife. A word to a wise is sufficient.
Shame!! Shame indeed to our rulers in Africa who are convincingly dictators. Only a dictator would make moves to track down a professional who makes a statement that is factual. What is wrong if a Medical Doctor remarks that old age affects the brain and output and leadership of course. The international work ethics advices retirement at 60 to 65 years to rest before the natural call for nature: death. We like it or not Mr Governor and CENER investigators, Mr Biya our President is old as many African leaders reason why they are all unproductive and the continent is regressing. Dr. Ntoko please do not be a coward. Stand on your words. You made a professional statement. My saying still holds that "no matter how long an over ripe fruit stays hanging up a tree, it must fall to the ground and rot. It is always too dangerous if the fruit hangs on and start to rot while up there. It is time, our Honorable President to bows out of power to enjoy a peaceful rest while waiting for nature call. Kenedy Epie, Helsinki, Finland.
Considering that these forum is free to post comments directly without moderation does not make it a medium to attack personalities in a crude manner and express how naive and low-moral we are. Let us be responsible and mature while using this medium. Not only Cameroonians read through this facility but the world at large. Thanks. Kenedy Epie Helsinki, Finland.
Not only COVOD is condemning the machinery already at work to keep Mr Biya in power though in his feeble physical state. Every right thinking Cameroonian is doing this. The regime has a set of unpatriotic aids in place as administrators ( Governors, DOs, etc ) whose missions are to sustain the regime while they steal away state funds. It is a shame that in an independent and civilized country like ours a single individual in the name of Governor will seize the rights and freedom of the populace as what is happening in Litoral Province. One thing is clear here. Whatever these people do today will hunt them or their generations tomorrow. The worse crime is betraying a nation. The over ripe fruit they are sustaining up that tree must have to drop to the ground to rot one day and so soon of course. No one can cheat nature we know. Kenedy Epie Helsinki, Finland
I am a bit worried about this story. I hope the writer is so sure of the quoted facts. It is too dangerous when personalities are attacked in reporting. However, the progressive stands taken by Hon. Ayah making him an in-house-critic of the CPDM may expose him to treats and plots from all quarters of the regime. I will advice that we must be sure and be ready to defend what we write in the media. A word to a wise is sufficient. Kenedy Epie, Helsinki, Finland.
Mr Kamga we think alike. Age is already weighing on Mr Biya. I believe he has lost the tone of the music, missing his steps in every move and now being manipulated by some egocentric individuals. It is time to raise out voices higher and tell Mr Biya to make way honorably. More grease to your elbows Mr Kamga.
I have admired Honorable Ayah for long now. He is an open minded Politician and a very straight-to-the-point person. How i wish all Politicians were like him then Cameroon would have been a better place as in the days of President Ahidjo. Kenedy Epie Helsinki, Finland
If indeed Dr Ntoko made these statements then he is a well wisher of the President Mr. Biya. He sees this issue from a professional point of view as a medical doctor and all the facts are stated. I believe Ntoko is an open minded Cameroonian and have a right to his opinion. Mr D.O. the so call administrator is part of the failing system. In ENAM, they were taught to do just that and help to kill the system. No matter how long it takes, a mango fruit must drop to the ground when it over ripes. The advocates of "Biya for ever" should have this in their minds. Kenedy Epie, Helsinki, Finland.
It is shameful and barbaric that police in Cameroon are using live bullets on civilians who are protesting for rightful services. I salute the courage of my K town young brothers and Sisters who could bravely stand on their feets for their rights. Gone are those days when Cameroonians used to seat and accept nonsense mostly from the Betis dominated regime. Their time is up and they should be ready to kill more Countrymen because lots of demonstations are around the corner. I see fire in the country as a whole because the whole system is collapsing.
Those who think of extending the mandate of Paul Biya to continue ruling are dead though alive. They have sold their consciences. I believe even Paul Biya would never support another term. He is tired and we all know that Cameroonians need a young and virile person in that position to steer this nation endowed with wealth into sustaining development and progress. We need a new President.
Great to have Richard Quest in my country. Anxious to watch the documentary they are shooting.
For how long will our Anglophone brother journalists with CRTV be silenced? Truth is like sun ray that will normally shine through the smallest hole. Take courage brothers. Nothing goes on forever.