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Debby, During my transformation to a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Lustig's video was one that I watched (more than once). However, there's no way I could have possibly watched the hundreds of hours of videos on my computer. So, here's a tip for smartphone owners: Download this free software: Once you do that, all you have to do is "pop" the YouTube URL into it and it will convert it to watch on your iPhone or other device. There's a tremendous amount of incredible videos online (Dr. Esslestyn, Michael Pollan, Marion Nestle, Dr. David Kessler and many others) that dole out incredible information. Put 'em on your smartphone and it will make you incredibly intelligent. Here are four that I highly recommend: Ken Leebow
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Thanks for being so persistent on this subject matter because most people don't believe that these types of results are possible. Most believe it's all about genetics. Even my own doctor was shocked when my lab results came back. Prior to the blood work, he assured me that genetics played a big role in this. While genetics are important, it's only one piece of the health pie. Unfortunately, people are convinced genes are the deciding factor. I like to quote Dr. Esselstyn ... "Genes load the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger." Thanks, Ken Leebow
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Great book and great review. It changed my life and lifestyle. So much in fact, that I wrote about about diet, health, and lifestyle. There are many great online videos of Michael Pollan speaking about this book. Ken Leebow
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Oct 7, 2010