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Ken Liss
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I like the Google voice search on my Droid (though my kids roll their eyes every time I use it around them.) It's faster and easier than typing on the phone and is great for the kind of query where a simple Google search works well. But because it makes the ease of use gap between Google and other sources much wider than it is on a larger device, I find myself settling for a Google search on some queries on which I'd use other sources if I weren't on the mobile. I probably also settle sometimes for what I can get with the kind of simple Google search you can do with voice instead of a more advanced Google search I could do with the keyboard. The hands-free phone function in my car has a kind of field searching: you can say "Dial by Name" or "Dial by Number" and then get prompted for a name or number. Maybe as voice searching expands to other sources we'll see it evolve to where we can say "Search Title" or "Search Author" or "Search Subject" followed by whatever our query is.
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Jan 7, 2010