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Kenneth F Lomax
Salisbury MD Maryland 21875 US
I'm Kenneth F Lomax, 27 from Smyrna, GA… a reporter, working unaware openings of mother earth, recording standard interests. I'll never be one to pass on the flag on such matters. What I am is a creator/storyteller that can go on a message to the recipient. I revere the lingo. It sound coarse, an axiom from a terrible frothy, yet I truly do. I find it charming to think about words.
Interests: I basically expected to make a spot where my mates can hang out together. I began this space therefore. My trusts and dreams with this space are to share in any way I possibly. I require every person to feel as remarkable as they can. Which is without a doubt the sole objective of this space; to ask each of us to develop their self-regard and accomplish their most foremost potential in this life. I venerate my work besides quality time with my buddies, being outside, coffee, chuckling and acting normally
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Dec 11, 2015