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I'm a cord cutter. What services do you use? Netflix Youtube Amazon Instant Video Crackle And some others.
Actually you can lock a whole Netflix account down to certain ratings. You don't need a "just for kids interface." But you would have to either have 2 Netflix accounts (like us) or constantly switch it back and forth for those times that you want to watch Breaking Bad. :)
All the time. My son has a Roku in his room and we have it linked to a separate Netflix account that only allows kids content. Clicking on anything else won't play. Additionally, I set it up so the grid pretty much only shows kid-friendly stuff. Even with that, my son asks us if a new show is a kid show. I feel no guilt about it.
I don't like DRM on digital products I purchase -- but honestly, I have no problem with it when used with services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. These are subscription services.
The third, obviously. I currently use the 2nd option so that the Roku in my son's room can be restricted to only kids shows (parental controls are set on that account). But I'd certainly prefer to save the $8/mo if I could.
I'm no expert, but it seems that Netflix was trying to lose the hybrid users. The mail business was costing them too much money. I switched from hybrid to streaming only. I'm actually a happier Netflix customer today than I was before they raised prices. Why? I wasn't really using the DVD service I was paying for and they've added a ton of great content lately.
While I agree that Netflix should offer this for free.. $5.00 a YEAR is a pretty good deal for an enhancement to Netflix that Netflix, quite frankly, may never offer.
Stupid. The environment is worth caring about. But driving jobs out of your town is just plain dumb. It's not like Netflix is refining oil or manufacturing insect spray.
Let's See: PC 3 Rokus 2 Android Phones 1 BD Player 1 iPod Touch So 8 including my PC. only 4 are connected to a TV though.
Why was my comment deleted? [I didn't delete any comments. Not sure what happened. - Mike]
I was actually part of the beta for the update and I've never had a problem (unless it was Netflix itself). My Roku Netflix works great.
I think the NT book I'm least familiar with is Revelation. It's always been a bit intimidating to me. So I think that's the book I'd most like to know more in depth.
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Jan 6, 2010