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thanks Teri, I'll try that.
thanks Chip, good idea. I guess the only drawback is scrolling down if you've blogged since. I use Wordpress and they have those shortlinks you can pass along, but I don't think there's a feature for others to get them. As an aside, I also appreciate the sense of humor you write with, it's one of the best things about reading you.
quick question for Chip. Is there a way you are aware of for a reader to get the shortlinks to your posts? I have a few writer friends on Twitter and Faecbook who I'd like to pass along some of your posts to but the link is like 324 characters long...
I agree with Michael big time. The amount of good and pointed advice you offer to writers at whatever stage continues to be amazing Chip, and the last few months in particular have been remarkably timely for me anyways.
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Jul 11, 2010