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Thank you, LL, for living up to that vision of the future you keep bringing us. Despite the trolls pretending that making spaces safe is weak. But in fact, that's where we pull our strength!
On a music note, Rocksmith was re-released with a new menu system and lessons. Oh, man, it's an awesome way to practice. I know it's of little use to trained artists, but for someone who's just learning, it's great, like you're actually playing with a band or in a studio, you can speed up and slow down things to play the riffs. I've nearly gotten 'mastery' of a few songs that way, although being able to play a bass part really isn't much to crow about, it's nice to just give up worrying about what it looks like and stretch fingers to make the sounds. I know it's kinda an advertisement, but it's been a blast. I hadn't been making music since jazz band back in school, and where do you really get to truly practice brass in regular life? A guitar fits modern living so much better. Hmm, captcha isn't always showing up. And it really wants a heck of alot of access to my Google account...
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2013 on Lou Reed R.I.P. at Cogitamus
I'm finding it surprising how many trolls are stilling running with the 'but they were unarmed!' when one (more?) were actually armed and yet shot. (Why does Typepad want to know all my friends via Google?)
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2013 on More Gun Madness and Open Thread at Cogitamus
This is something that'll be dead in the water as long as our market driven politics remain. I'm wondering what we can do to keep people working while more and more jobs are eliminated. It looks like there's a way to keep them busy trading and creating by giving value to new things, but no one seems to be looking at that option and expecting it to happen without help. We also need to make sure that our tax system isn't tilted to reward idle capital, like it is now.
And they did all that in the face of declining budgets and eventually having basically the entire paper scrapped last year, oddjob. The fact that journalists are competent doesn't have anything to do with whether management is.
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2013 on Sunday Open Thread at Cogitamus
I don't get captcha, but I do get a login runaround. The Globe was a bizarre business choice. They decided that since they had a Newspaper in New York they basically didn't need to report local stuff in Boston anymore and gutted it into a reprinter. Of course that's going to ruin scoops, sales, and value.
Toggle Commented Aug 7, 2013 on Sunday Open Thread at Cogitamus
Wow, you lose everything you typed if you need to log in. I like Disqus, although the programming is pretty crappy. What features you install are up to the site administrator, though, as is moderation. No moderation equals crappy conversations. If there was a login veil before, then troll invasions won't be slowed down by it anymore. Etc.
Toggle Commented Aug 6, 2013 on Sunday Open Thread at Cogitamus
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Mar 18, 2013