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Dear Mike: You seem to be the last person on earth who has not heard of the current Nikon rebates on Z6/Z7 cameras. $600 off the Z7 is serious jack. I ordered my Z7 + 24-70 kit yesterday, after snaking my way through your site to find an Adorama link so you would get credit. (I no longer use B+H due to them charging sales tax in my state) The $300 Canon R sale is a rather limp response. Also, please refreshen your partnership with Adorama. They seem to be the only major vendor left that does not charge tax. That change alone saved me ~$300...
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"Not only that, but Epson considers the P800 a professional product and the P600 a consumer product, and it doesn't provide programming documentation for the P600 to third-party software and peripherals providers." Keyword: Professional. In 2007, after years of using 13 inch Epson printers, I bought a 17 inch 3800. I am still using it. I have never had an issue with it. Not. One. Problem. I have gone through several maintenance cartridges. I leave inks in the printer for months on end w/o use, and then come back and make a print. No clogs, no head cleaning, no problems. I used to fight with my 2400 regularly. I had a cleaning kit of q-tips & alcohol etc kept next to it, and had to clean and align the heads multiple times per year. The 3800, and indeed all of the Professional Epson printers, are built to a different standard. They just rock. Even if one does not need 17 inch width, the improvement in build quality (and lower ink cost) is worth it. Now that my printer has been replaced twice (3880 and P800) I have been waiting to buy a new P800. Not quite the right time, budget wise. Think I'll wait until next year... YEOUCH Mike! $300 rebate! Plus evidently an additional $50 rebate for current Epson owners. This is gonna hurt man, but click on through I will. The rebates end Sept. 30. YEOUCH.
The reminds me of the great book by John Loengard "Celebrating the Negative". I bought it 20 odd years ago when it was first published, and at the time it seemed quite topical. Today it reads like oh-so-last-century.
Okay Father Guido, will do.
E me.
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2012 on Nikon D800, Woo-Hoo! at The Online Photographer
Interesting comments regarding the Leica M9-P and the Fuji X100 at this blog: See the post titled 'Lazy Photographers'.
Lovely image Mike. Reminds me of Caponigro. I would love to see a print of this on Baryta paper (preferably "air dried F surface"). This image transcends its first glance. I think it would make a good TOP print.
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2011 on Perfect Ambivalence at The Online Photographer
Thanks Mike.
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"Can Photoshop CS3 read Pentax K-5 RAW files?" If CS3 can read DNG raw files (presumably it can) then the answer is yes. Kent
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Nov 8, 2010