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Ken Wood
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Well that didn't work like I had planned.... I heard about this and I could not believe someone with that broad of an audience would say such a thing. I have been hit unintentionally and for him to recommend this is absurd. I don't care if Lance made peace with him, but it sounded like a slap on the had rather than a real apology. I teach a class promoting bicycle safety on the the road and trails and I don't need him promoting hurting someone who might be observing the laws and regulations. This is why I can't stand any type of talk radio shows. They have a forum to spread their idiotic message and people out there believe he's right.
If no one has heard about this, ESPN radio personality condones running down cyclists. Now Lance Armstrong has since called him out on this, but this is the transcript from his radio show, which ESPN removed shortly after.
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Mar 19, 2010