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Somehow I can hear Mr. Scott saying "How many times do I have to tell you-- the right tool for the right job!". Isn't it a matter of what kind of image "floats your boat"? If you want an image that everything is in focus, a smaller m4/3 will do it in spades. If you want an image where the subject "pops out" then a full size sensor will do it (much ... no way, way, way better). I have a Panasonic GF-1, a bunch of APS-C Canons, and old 5D and personally I just "like" the look of an image that just "pops". That GF-1 just doesn't do it for me (believe me I tried) and in spite of it's small size rarely comes out and the 5D is simply too much to lug around. Now an APS-C kit with a big F/2 lens ... and not a pain to lug around ...
Too much talking about Pentax? "Friends does not let friends buy Canon. As long as it is not that, I think it is ok. Looking forward for you talking about, well not Shen Haos but Chamonix.' I gotta say that I went down the Canon path cause after my son was born a digital rebel (300D) seemed like the only thing out there.. but gee why does everyone have nasty thoughts about Canon?
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If you're using time machine use that or migration assistant and make the move .. it pretty easy and you'll save $100 .. but I'd buy Applecare.
I don't think it's just clients. I took a workshop last year shortly after I got a Panasonic GF-1. The "model" and the assistant were both photographic "artists". I got snide looks and sarcastic comments from the onset from the pair. "How dare I come to a workshop with a point and shoot camera".
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Unfortunately I don't yet own a copy of the Parisians .. just wondering .. which print appears in the book. or
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Sep 13, 2010