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Voracious reader and compulsive writer.
Interests: My gorgeous little boys, Harry and Joe. And big boy, David. Plus... chocolate, friends, hello kitty, oprah, amelie, hugh jackman, writing, the office, the daily show, new york, buffy the vampire slayer, the sopranos, barry manilow, the west wing, the simpsons, the word "joy", the smell of fresh basil, glitter pens, american tv: er, will & grace, queer eye for the straight guy, scrubs, arrested development, rescue me, gilmore girls; red wine, my digital camera, the scent and colour of lavender, george clooney, reading (especially meg cabot, jennifer crusie, jennifer weiner), cherry blossom, hot buttered raisin toast, limes, my nephews jake and toby, ducks, a nice cup of tea, the darkness, fiat 500s, reading the sunday papers in bed, british comedy: phoenix nights, spaced, black books, i'm alan partridge, father ted; big train; green wing; christopher eccleston, decaf lattes, robbie williams, a sunday night bath, woodstock (from snoopy), strictly come dancing, america's next top model ...
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Oh yes, he loves the music too :)
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David LOVES Yacht Rock. And it's good to have you back :)
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I absolutely loved this book! I didn't think the back cover suggested a fluffy read at all, though it's possible I knew what to expect having read Rock Chicks - it's much more early Jackie Collins than it is Sex and the City. I cared about the characters - I was just about to say 'particularly Mei-lin' but then I thought 'and Raine... and Stevie' so I think it's safe to say I cared about them all - and thought it was well-written, gripping (while being, yes, harrowing in parts) and full of fascinating New York detail. I can't wait to read Ronni Cooper's next book.
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I love Nick & Norah. Can't wait to read the Stephen King. I'm with you: think he's an incredibly writer, but I can't read horror. (Although I did read, and love, Misery.)
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I used to do the Fly Lady kitchen thing, but I got really lazy. But it really does make all the difference, so I've been trying to at least keep on top of the endless sodding washing up. Your place looks great. And I love the Griffith Observatory photo (you're going to love my new book... I hope.) xx
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Ha! Sorry about that :)
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2011 on I think I need... at Diary of an Adult Runaway
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