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Citizen K
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Hey you rather ignorant folks from the Northeast, Romney stands a good chance to lose TEXAS in the general election. His flyer campaign in Ethanol Iowa where preacher get nice tithes from farmers (they are the ones who actually own most of the ethanol plants), has lots of people in TEXAS rather PO'd. Forget the Tea Party, it has splintered into a thousand pieces and has no strength at all.
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2012 on "The Fix is In" at Atlas Shrugs
Perry did not vacillate you liar. He's all in. Thanks for being little miss politico.
It is interesting that because of Clinton's Energy Policy numerous Ammonia plants (the basic ingredient found in fertilizer) were demolished or relocated overseas. We now import 50% of our ammonia from Venezuela, Trinidad, Egypt, Ukraine & Russia. Ammonia is required as both the raw material and fuel (for steam methane reforming process). Only ONE presidential candidate has the plan to get this started immediately, RICK PERRY. But Pam likes Mr. 2 for 1 extra sausage on the pizza knucklehead. What a doofus!
One of the most liberal school districts out of over 1000 in the State of Texas, does not make the case.
Good for you, Geller got Ronulized with smear tips from the Ron Paul Camp. All of these links which morons are posting are coming from Ron Paul paid for writers. It is all a crock of shiite.
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Jun 12, 2010