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I'm the Pastor of Creative Arts and College Ministry at Schweitzer UMC, but that doesn't mean they have any input in this site. This site is focused mostly on food, technology, and ministry.
Interests: design, good food, video production, software development, bbq, ministry, effective communication
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It worked for ProPresenter, but I wouldn't use it as a primary system. In a pinch - camps, retreats, etc. it would probably be fine. It handled 1280x720 very well with lyrics and still background images. Playing HD video was a bit rough. We've used ProPresenter to just to wall washes of static images and for that the netbook is perfect.
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Mar 15, 2010
Internship? Are you working in the conference office next year?
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This type of setup can be done easily on a low budget, but low budget is fairly relative. The most expensive parts of the system are going to be the projectors for the walls, the computer/software, and the lighting controller. Ill write up a series about all of the tools were using over the next few weeks as well as some options at various budget levels. Excluding installed stuff, computers, and light control the setup for this weekend involved: 2 - Optoma EP1691 Projectors - $719 (we LOVE this projector, have 3 of them) 6 - LED Par Cans - $140/each 4 - Chauvet Q-Wash 36 LED - $625 1 - DMX Dimmer pack (for the tree) - $120 1 - TripleHead2Go - $260 If you set out to buy everything we used for special lighting youd be looking at roughly $5k. This is the most elaborate setup weve done in the sanctuary. In the past weve done one or two projectors with a computer just washing the walls and it looks really good. Its possible to do some really effective stuff without a huge investment. We started using equipment we already had or could borrow. If you look at the Visual Worship PSU Edition post you can see this is just 3 projectors and a single laptop with the triplehead2go - no lights.
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You are reading that correctly, it's a little more than 14mi. The TrailGuru app is stinking cool. Start it up, drop the phone in a pocket, and go. When you get to wifi upload the track. I'm going to use it for a bunch of stuff.