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Baby Bunching
Baby Bunchers Linda Kerr, 32 has two kids 16 months apart and Cara Fox, 31, has three sons 17 months and 3 years apart.
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So....we feel incredibly guilty that we left you hanging. We still get tons of emails from y'all asking for tips, questions, when the book will be published, etc., and we're so grateful that you still love us. Unfortunately, due to... Continue reading
This gift guide, courtesy of super-awesome guest poster Rachel, is a little late coming (our fault, she sent it months ago) but if you're anything like us you haven't even STARTED your shopping yet, so we hope you find it... Continue reading
Like we mentioned yesterday, the motive behind baby/toddler classes isn't solely for baby and tot's development. They also are for moms to socialize and commiserate. We wish establishments would understand that and hone in on making their classes more Baby... Continue reading
This week on Baby Bunching, we'll be devoting the week to your social life. Yep, that's right ladies, your social life. If you're new to Baby Bunching, you may wonder when you'll get your social life back in between finding... Continue reading
The school year is in full swing now that's November. In fact, the first grading period is officially over for my kids. I feel like the older my kids get, the quicker the time flies. This past weekend, I found... Continue reading
By Rachel Ostlie One of the benefits of bunching your kids is the bunching that occurs in other areas as well. Both your kids enjoy the same toys and are entertained by the same activities. And when it comes to... Continue reading
We recently ran across this radio podcast from Pregtastic about Baby Bunching. We're super excited to hear Dr. Frederick Johnson, Chief of Pediatrics at Sharp Mary Birch, talk about Baby Bunching with his own five kids. He talks with a... Continue reading
Q: So, I just found out I'm pregnant with number 3 (completely unexpected) and my due date will be near my daughter's 3rd birthday and son will be 20 months. How in the world am I going to fit three... Continue reading
We ran across this article yesterday about the 14 most outdated pieces of baby advice. Of course, being a parent of children well beyond 'babies,' we had to check in to see what we had or hadn't done in this... Continue reading
When my kids were newborns, I clung fervently to the almighty pacifier as a soother - even learning to tuck the bottom half right into their "baby burrito" swaddling at night to encourage it to stay in place. As they... Continue reading
A few weeks ago, I attended a mom's night with a group of ladies. I knew only a few of the ladies, but they were all linked by one common person. We did the traditional introductions of how do you... Continue reading
I'm actually not sure what's harder - feeding small kids who don't have teeth yet, or feeding big kids who use their mouths to complain about what you cook. I LOVE to cook, and I'm a big believer in providing... Continue reading
Last week I happily sent my Bunch off to school (first and second grade) with not a tear. While I did miss them both around lunch--when I was able to sit and peacefully eat my lunch for the first time... Continue reading
When my Bunch was very young, we had the luxury of separate bedrooms for each baby and this was a LIFESAVER in the early days. But once their younger brother came along, they were forced to bunk together due to... Continue reading
Q: Can you provide some tips on routines or what I should be doing the night before to make for smoother next day for two-under-two? A: For the first 18 months or so of the smallest member of your Bunch’s... Continue reading
By Rachel Oslie If you’re like me, Baby #1 and Baby #2 came one after the other. Baby #3 took (a little bit) longer. This seems to be a trend among Baby Bunchers, maybe because after two babies we realize... Continue reading
Hard to believe but both my kids start full-day school tomorrow. I am pretty excited about my first and second grader going off to school tomorrow. [Woop!] As I was packing lunches tonight for both kids, I realized this is... Continue reading
We're pretty sure we've lost some readers in our absence and we're so terribly sorry that we've been so silent for so many months. The summer for this Baby Bunching duo was the ultimate juggle. While all stages have their... Continue reading
A recently released study confirms what we moms have long known - that the "baby brain" attributed to sleep deprivation is a very, very real thing. Although the study was conducted with frequently-woken mice, sleep researchers say that it's not... Continue reading
Hello! Yes, we’re still alive! Our paid jobs ramped up for both of us right about the time that school let out for the summer, and Cara had an unexpected move thrown in, so all of that has made for... Continue reading
Q: Anyone attempt vacationing at a hotel with your bunch? Which hotel chains let more than two little ones stay in your room or have great yet affordable family suites? Any other tips or alternative suggestions are so welcome. A:... Continue reading
I can't claim credit for this brilliant Baby Bunching summer idea, but I can thank Baby Bunching friend Cassie for not only coming up with it, but leading the whole project. While my kids (now 7 and almost 6) are... Continue reading
By Palak I went back to work after having my son, but decided to stay at home after having my daughter. I lost quite a bit of precious sleep over the decision to quit; but eventually I decided to give... Continue reading
Recalls are important. Obviously we want our children to be safe from products that could cause our tots harm, but I had to giggle at this latest article about the latest crib recalls and recommendation to use only fixed-sided cribs.... Continue reading
Summer has been in full swing at Cara's house for a few weeks now, and Linda's starts this week! If your kids are in preschool or school, the start of summer marks a (usually welcome) change in the routine. But... Continue reading