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A critic has to know that if he can dish it out,...
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Agreed. It's extremely unprofessional (and narcissistic) to critique a festival you not only hosted, but also participated in. Who reviews their own projects publicly?! *And let me also add that I use the terms "critique" and "review" loosely, as any imbecile can string together 7 adjectives. I would hardly call the above phrases sentences, let alone critiques, or reviews.* I don't know who you are, or what your deal is, but based on this blog post, your blog bio ("I'm not a monster, I'm a human bean") and the fact that you begin this article by defending a comment you made opening night at the festival, I can only assume you are a bit of a douche bag... Ever hear of the concept of "Artists Unite"? It's a pretty big movement, particularly in Atlantic Canada, to help provide and sustain a viable industry in the arts by supporting each other publicly and with solidarity. You know, so jokers like you can make a living...? Actually, nevermind. Invitation to unite withdrawn.
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May 23, 2012