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Kerry Sheridan
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YES Please! I'm in for sure
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2013 on Let's go! at 619 miles
I just bought one of these magnets in London. The posters were everywhere.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2012 on history lesson: keep calm and carry on at 619 miles
Love it! Thanks for sharing friend...miss you!
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2011 on Ice Cube talks Eames at 619 miles
okay so I just showed Andy this post and he freaked out, "OMG I remember those freaky things when you walked in!"
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2011 on thanksgiving 2011 at 619 miles
At first when I read this I was remembering my deployment 2 years ago, over Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, and New Years and how crappy it was. I will never forget how awesome my grandma is and that she spent $50 in shipping to mail me her town famous carrot cake to Afghanistan for that Thanksgiving(and that it would be the last one the family got (tear)). Then I scrolled down and saw all the decoration pictures you took and I couldn't stop laughing out loud for 10 minutes, Andy kept staring at me saying "what, what?" I am thankful for those serving away from their family this season as well!
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2011 on thanksgiving 2011 at 619 miles
I bought some of the green and blue Chinese Lanterns and the red Persimmon, I'm going to make the Amy Butler Weekender travel bag with it.
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2011 on new Amy Butler fabric: Lark at 619 miles
It reminds me of the backside of my hometown's mainstreet. I remember taking out the trash to the pizza place I worked out behind buildings like that.
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2011 on hello! at 619 miles
Wow I just realized you posted this back on the 12th, now I'm really scared to check my Bloglovin account, I'm probably over to 1,000 unread posts.
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2011 on blogging break at 619 miles
Good luck with school! You can power through it! I just finished my last Basic Tac Sim tonight and have my test tomorrow, then its really game on for a month of Advanced Tac before we hit the flight line. I can't wait for this to be over with. I have so many fun projects I want to work on but can't.
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2011 on blogging break at 619 miles
It is really easy to do and quick. You should go for it. I did you some leather scraps I got from a bag of scraps at Hobby Lobby. Its so hard to find good leather to use in projects, I'm always on the hunt at thrift stores.
Toggle Commented Sep 19, 2011 on tie dye with bleach at 619 miles
That turned out awesome! I like how you quilted it too, I'm trying to decide how I want to quilt my twin size one I'm working on. I'm also going to have to look into these PurlSOHO scrap bags. I'm sure your friend is going to love it!
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2011 on baby quilt - purple & linen at 619 miles
Oh man, I don't think I can wait until November. Her aesthetic is just brilliant.
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2011 on I need a LOTTA this fabric at 619 miles
I love your little bracelet too! And I just noticed the bunny peeps in your basket, one of my Easter time favorites.
Toggle Commented Apr 25, 2011 on Happy Easter - updated at 619 miles
I heart your Easter Bonnet!
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2011 on Happy Easter - updated at 619 miles
I adore these animal prints from Ryan Berkley, in fact I just got my meerkat pilot one in the mail last week, it's so fun.
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2011 on more ideas at 619 miles
I love Urban Outfitters Socitey 6 link, in fact I bought some more art from them this week, and finally got the large Jamie Mills "Mountain" print hung in my bedroom, its so cool. I'm thinking of doing a large art wall in my guest bathroom since its such a large plain wall.
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2011 on more ideas at 619 miles
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Mar 16, 2011
I played a lot of Barbies, and just played outside on our swing set in general. Oh yeah and we would always set up a "store" like a grocery store in our basement. It was always fun to make labels and organize the shelves. It always took more time getting the store set up than it was "open" for. I also had no luck at Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, JoAnns, or Home Depot for any good lamps. The only non broken/warped ones at TJ Maxx, that were remotely my style, were $100 a piece. The search continues!
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2011 on no TV tuesday - wk3 at 619 miles I like Valspars La Fonda Fireberry, Autumn Enchantment, Green Shimmer, or Spring Lime. I would definately go with some cool anthropologie knobs like those.
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2010 on color me bold - the new desk at 619 miles
OMG Love that desk! the lines are super cool. i think a cool coral or green would be neat with some neat hardware from anthropologie instead of those knobs.
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2010 on bye bye bug... hello TDI at 619 miles
After our trip to Ireland, I'm loving the painted door idea. The three main colors we saw that seemed to go with everthing were yellow, bright blue, and red. There were some greens and purples but mostly yellow and blue.
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2010 on exterior facelift at 619 miles
I love that bike fabric. I've been wanting to make some lunch bags, or some outdoor cushions with oil cloth. Let me know how you like sewing with it. I also want to try that tutorial on how to make your own oil cloth out of any fabric.
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2010 on fabric crush at 619 miles
I love that red pot, super cool. Are those the shells from your last beach visit? Those plates are fun, I found some lobster plates at the antique store this weekend I almost bought.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2010 on art of display - collections at 619 miles
They are all so cute! I'm really digging the ones from gretchenmist and Yellena. Looks like she is having a sale so I might just have to get some just for the heck of it, I'm sure I can find lots of places to put some cool pics! Thanks for the help.
What fabric are you going to cover the chair with? I love the danish look!
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2010 on who needs a truck? part dos at 619 miles