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Interests: travel, photography, interior design, psychology, blogging
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This looks great, one year's work was worth it! I used Blurb for the first last December; since meeting Tom in 2003 I've been making him a photobook for Christmas every year. I used to use iPhoto software but last year I had so many photos that it was going to be too expensive so I went with Blurb instead. And like you I was very pleased at the quality! And guess what? YOU are in one of my books, too! from when we saw you in Victoria :) Kxo
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Here is one thing that my husband does whenever he goes on one of his business trips: he puts an iron board (most hotel rooms have one) against the door at night. He figures this will a) wake him up should someone try to intrude and b) hopefully scare away the intruder at the same time, once he hears the iron board crash to the floor. The iron board also doubles up rather nicely as a dinner table as we found out during a recent trip where the hotel had run out of portable room service tables. Kxo
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