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I too lost my contacts when I was ask to accept 4.2.1 version of software during a routine sync. All the info ATT tranfered to my Iphone (contact list) from my old non-smart phone sim is gone. I have no MobileMe cloud (what-ever that is), but Apple wants $99.00 to store/safeguard my phone contact after I NEVER lost my numbers in the past 12 years with so-called dumb phones. Come-on Apple I am so mad my head is going to explode and yes I called your support line and they had me try; import from SIM, check MS outlook on my laptop, and check itunes backup in which by the way only holds -ONE- the most recent sync backup. So how about farther back than the most recent or more than one backup to choose from. That should be a given. My history and social networking is "poof" gone! Why? How can it be stressed the importance of backing up our numbers when the stores selling this product know nothing of it. Why was there not a copy of my SIM? What does this SIM store? Why did itunes save all my pictures, music, messages, phone history but loose my phone numbers and names. When looking at past messages, instead of reading the name of who its from it just gives the phone number. Please Help Me! Who took my contact list and did Apple steal and sell my personal info? Nothing so important should ever be deleted without at the very least ending up in the my recycling bin.
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Jan 17, 2011