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When you don’t know grammar: "One Million Mom's" (sic) is plural rather than possesive and should therefore contain no apostrophe.
Paul E. writes, "All we need to do is vote third party-any party in the next election and we have instant revolution." OK. Would such a revolution be the revolution that you/I/we want? Would the outcome would be a net positive for both the country and the citizens?
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Would I be correct, Douglas, regardless of my fortune, labor, and dedication, to conclude that you agree that "coverage" of pre-existing conditions is subsidy rather than insurance?
Theorem: "Every person with a pre-existing condition is an automatic Obama voter." Corollary: Every person with a pre-existing condition seeks subvention rather than insurance. The only reason they didn't just nationalize the subsidy that it is is because the Republicans would have none of it. Current Obamacare is a ruse.
"So Obama wins either way." I would rather the American people become the winners by loosening the ever-tightening shackles of unconstitutionally expanding government.
I subscribe to several lefty email lists to see what they have to say. I recently received one from Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. It opened with, “This isn't the 1950s, it's 2012. Why we're debating a woman's access to birth control is beyond me.” What is beyond Wasserman, and apparently most liberals, is that it is not access to birth control that is being debated, but the notion that birth control is an entitlement.
George, you have here provided yet another example of a government solution that can be characterized as one-size-fits-none.
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Feb 11, 2012