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You just described why I live in Briarcliff and why I don't live downtown. Schools and being close enough to downtown that people will buy my house someday. NKC schools has two ballot items and I will be voting yes as well for similar reasons. I dislike the increase but the results are worth the cost. If the schools/daycare situation gets better south of the river moving downtown isn't off the table. We're done homes tours and was overall impressed.
"I am not sure where the Drennon name came from-family, trading post, stop on the train?" for someone reading this well after the fact, the name source was posted 4 days before to this post. in the first two images you can see the Drennon family owned land in the same area
the amphitheater is from when they upgraded brush creek back in the 90s. I'm assuming you mean the one at Theis Park
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2012 on Brush Creek Trail at Toellner Tells it
Surface streets aren't maintained by MoDOT.
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Aug 6, 2012