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Kevin Benton
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Funny - my scooter has a 582CC engine on it. Sure - it costs a lot more than those other options, but I don't mind because it will do 100MPH (US) and gets 52MPG around town in the summer months. Price? I got my 2003 Honda Silver Wing for $3,250 over a 17 months ago. It has already nearly paid for itself in savings versus driving my car. You say you'd never want to go that fast when it's cold outside? No problem. I've been riding mine year-round in northern Illinois since I got it so when it gets cold, I just throw on a pair of snow pants and put my liner in my riding jacket (if I haven't already). In general, the only times I won't ride are when it's unsafe like when there's ice on the road, or lightning in the skies. I have ridden in dank (cold and wet/rainy) weather and tend to ride less at those times, but it won't keep me from riding by itself unless it's cold enough to cause ice to form on the roadways. Rain by itself doesn't usually stop me because I just throw my rain gear on. How much did all this outerwear add to the cost of my ride? About $750. Regardless of how you get "there," get there in one piece and healthy.
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Oct 26, 2011