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No sympathy at all. Most of the bottom nine-tenths of the top 1% are doing bullshit jobs -- bean-counting, guard labor, gatekeeping -- for the top tenth that wouldn't exist in a rational, egalitarian society. And the managerial stratum, as a whole, is an enormous suck on production workers' wages, whether or not its total income actually equals that of rentiers; simply returning managerial/supervisory salaries to the same share of total labor compensation they received in the '70s would alone raise production workers' pay by a quarter or more. The plantation overseers may not be as rich as the planters, but they're still parasites.
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I think you're neglecting the extent -- something Graeber made a case for -- to which debt is structurally central to capitalism as a system of power. That *is* something affecting us as a collectivity, as opposed to individually. Your argument strikes me a bit like someone in medieval times making a case against focusing on landlordism and rent as a strategic mistake.
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Jul 15, 2012