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Cloud seriously curbs piracy, that's it.
The comment about alienating other third-parties is a very valid one, but if you want the best possible integration, you've just gotta go ahead and do it. They (and SolidWorks as well) seemed to have no quarrels taking that strategy for their simulations tools as SRAC, Algor and Blue Ridge Numerics. A key difference might be that, those simulation companies were minor players whereas Delcam in its market of CAM is a very large player. Hmmm. Interesting indeed!
Great job guys! have watched three by now and they were all great, the video and audio quality is great too and at only a few hundred megabytes each no problems with long buffering times as was the case in the past.
How do the SolidWorks Routing tools in SolidWorks Premium, specifically electrical, sit in terms of functionality now that SolidWorks Electrical 3D has been announced?
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Aug 6, 2012