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Thanks for the encouraging illustration. I believe the key is doing what you see the Father doing. Whether the intercessors mentioned in the illustration use that terminology or are familiar with the concept (John 5:19), or not, is immaterial. God's promise is to "guide us until death" (Ps 48:14). Whether we choose to step into the flow of God's guidance or not is up to us. Jesus continually lived in the flow of God's guidance. He wasn't Spirit-controlled but rather Spirit-influenced (Spirit-led) throughout His life, and the miraculous was commonplace for Him. Nowhere in Scripture does it instruct us that God is in control, or that He even desires to control us. His plan is to guide and influence. If He influences you to select 80 names out of a telephone book to pray for and then to follow the prayer up with a phone call and a visit...then step into what you see Him doing. And if your greeting of peace is not welcomed, brush off your Nikes and move on to a home where the Holy Spirit is moving already (most likely due to the prayer of the saints). Discover what God is already doing around you, and jump into that, rather than pulling God into your own plans and you will experience fruitfulness.
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Sep 21, 2011