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Glad to hear you're excited about hearing the session with Susan and I at WOMM-U. Hopefully we can catch up before or after the session. See you in Chicago.
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Would you tell someone that they are a SMSRJ? I've wanted to publicly call out folks in the past for other things, but have restrained myself. Just wondering if you'd tell someone you think they fall into this category and how you think they'd respond?
Great comment, Tim. Courage is certainly a requirement and one of the most difficult things to maintain. Resistance in innovation comes from all directions, maintaining courage is the only way to press through and over come the challenges.
Having just bought a car, I'd recommend new approaches to the acknowledgement phase you suggest above. We received calls, letters and emails and it just became annoying. They all came directly from our sales rep, but they added no value. One could suggest that this is because they were interupting - if the dealer had one online destination where we could go and communicate directly with our rep or service department on our terms, maybe that would be a better approach. While there are certainly good suggestions in your post, I have to agree with Ross that this is unlikely to happen. The basic model of car sales doesn't support it - unless they start tethering their sales reps to an iPad (interesting thought). There is definitely an opportunity for social to grow in the auto industry, but finding the value will be a challenge. There is clearly a brand affinitiy, but most users who want to connect, want results. I want to hear from the brand - I want special events and offers (BMW offers free parking to owners attending Red Sox games). I'll connect for that.
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Most people think too narrow in terms of "friends" they've made via social networks. The reality is that social networks and online social interaction of any kind facilitate the opportunity for friendship that many of us have never experienced before. How we chose to act on those opportunities dictates the level of relationships we create with the individuals we are connected to.
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Dec 3, 2009