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Nicely said. I support being more conscious of the positive to negative ratio. Few people enjoy being scolded all day long; it may feel good but it hurts the cause of changing opinions and getting people to look at facts with an open mind, in my view.
Hi Frances, I share your opinion that big changes are coming. I didn't understand this bit though: "I believe there is a general tendency to see what male academics do as "real reseach", and what female academics do as - I don't know - something less serious, and certainly less worthy of public support." What is the gender difference in research that you mean? Do you mean gender diffs across fields like labour or health economics vs macro or econometrics?
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I was the last class in my elementary school to be taught how to do square roots by pencil and paper. I was always a math lover, but I remember that technique as terribly painful.
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May 29, 2011