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I recall another cg character, "Gollum," from Lord of the Rings who to my dismay did not receive any major credits (awards). If the so called, "Experts," continue to ignore the enigmatic souls behind these magnificent CGI characters, the future for directors to provide us with an ensemble of wonderful actors to create a movie that has motivated, inspired and ultimately change our compassion for "our mother earth," or any ideals (morals)....will seem dim and difficult in the future. Given that a virtual characters emotions can be adjusted, manipulated, edited and perfected there still needs to exist a soul and harmony with a fictional character behind the mask. I know in my career I will continue to strive in this venue, technology has come a long way...the old traditions in acting are evolving and change is something the experts need to accept. However the ultimate goal of any individual regardless of concept should be to provide the audience with an experience that transforms the heart regardless of view. Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) regardless of any outcome the true outcome can not be ignored. Your enigmatic spirit shined, the audience applaud....a human heart was felt through Neytiri. Your purpose was met ten fold...and Neytiri could have not had a better spirit.
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Feb 6, 2010
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Feb 6, 2010