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Kevin Pedraja
Public Relations Executive
Interests: science fiction, indie music, photography, gadgets, politics, historical fiction, backpacking, snowboarding, red sox, steven soderbergh films, apple & mac
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Mar 15, 2010
Valerie, good to meet you virtually. Welcome to the neighborhood. There's actually a block group we formed earlier in summer with a website. I leave the details for you.
Thanks for the tip, Eric. I just signed up.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2009 on It's raining blue at Jet City Journal
Mike/Claire: I think you're both missing the point. I have no problem with a new home replacing the old structure. The problem I DO have is that the new structure 1) went up without public comment or approval (try adding a second or third story to your house without those two steps); 2) Doesn't fit in with the neighborhood; 3)towers over the surrounding houses providing unobstructed views over the privacy fences most of us have and right into our back yards. The developer could have easily chosen a design that fit better and still turned a profit.