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Philosophers' Imprint is published by the University of Michigan. Here at U-M, the Tanner Philosophy Library archives author agreements, and MPublishing, the primary academic publishing enterprise of the University of Michigan, provides lightweight publishing services for this and other open-access journals. While we recover some of the costs of providing these publishing services through fees paid by our publishing partners, we aim to make our processes scalable enough that we can provide our basic services for free with optional add-on services. As an open access publication, Philosophers' Imprint is available for free to the scholarly community in order to ensure its broad accessibility to all readers. For more information about the journal's mission and the decision of the editorial board to pursue an open access publication model, please see . In the case of Philosophers’ Imprint, one of the journal’s editors pays for an editorial assistant out of his research budget, and he and another editor generally do the copyediting, proofreading, and maintenance of the editorial database themselves. Since this is one of the first journals taken on by the U-M Library, MPublishing provides complimentary typesetting in InDesign using a template created by a member of the editorial board, though as you’ll see in the journal’s submission instructions, authors are allowed to use LaTeX macros provided by the journal to do their own typesetting. The cost of domain name, hosting of the site and submission system, and creating handles (and DOIs once we finish some backend changes required to create these) are borne by the University of Michigan Library. ISSN registration and submission to indexing services are one-time costs also borne by the U-M Library. The success of this journal attracted Philosophy & Theory in Biology to MPublishing and another nascent journal under development, which is in the process of applying to publish with us. Both Philosophers’ Imprint and Philsophy & Theory in Biology are listed in PhilPapers. I don’t know about the ESF rankings, but if anyone knows about these and believes that the ESF is operating under some sort of misunderstanding about the journal’s operations, we in MPublishing would be happy to hear about this.
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Jan 28, 2012