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Didn't this article get run before? :) I still have the same amount of connections as before, they just aren't all as active. PS: Quit lyin'. Here's Britney's page: People connected to her: 1,555,2222 Here's Justin's: People connected to him: 1,539,348 If you got paid to write this drivel, please I hope you get fired and they hire me, since I should get paid for the lousy job you didn't do!
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I just want to respond with some general thoughts here. I affirm what you are saying generally regarding the fact that it's going to be tough to maintain a morally firm position on this without throwing in our lot with those who make homosexuality out to be the worst thing possible. At the same time, I wonder if there's really a need for political action to be taken at all? I think spiritual revival is much more spot on and we could have a win-win situation if Gay Marriage is legalized, but nobody shows up for one! :) I have also pondered whether or not I think the government should have any say at all in who sleeps with who or who is married to whom. First off, Paul preached in a much more morally decadent time than ours, and he stayed focused on the main thing and did not waiver. Why do we think we deserve any better? More to the point" why do we think we need anything else in order to be faithful? Here's the kicker to all of this: The media is focused on maintaining an argument with the Christian faith about the nature of homosexuality, in regards to whether "gays can change." They like to act as if it's a settled issue, but it most certainly is not! Take a look at the following resources: Now while it's true that the APA takes a dim view of so-called "therapy" that promises change in orientation, neither do they think it's immutable! Perhaps with this in mind, we can go forth with a new approach that spiritually shepherds people into right relationships with out making it seem as if it's the new Inquisition? Just some thoughts. In any case, the Robert Epstein article cites a peer-reviewed study by Dr. Robert Spitzer - the same APA leader who pushed to take homosexuality out of the DSM - that looks into the question of whether or not gays can change, and answers in the affirmative! Myself, I think there's a lot more issues - even moral and family related ones - that there should be a movement to bring change on. Please look over these resources, follow some of the links within, and consider the issues involved: Not just with abortion, but the whole inequity that extremist forms of Feminism has produced in the legal system against men, has me thinking that if there's anything we need to be focusing on to bulwark and restore the Family, homosexuality is diddly by comparison.
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Jun 20, 2011