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Interests: I enjoy nothing better than packing up and going on a road trip with my husband. We share so much: an avid curiosity of what may be behind the next rise as well as our photography. Kevin is a much better photographer - I am a point 'n shooter. Apart from photography we both enjoy fishing. There is no better feeling than the feeling of a fish take the line. From April - June Kevin and I put our forecasting hats on and go storm chasing. This is the ultimate road trip. The distances travelled are usually huge. It is not abnormal to clock 1,500 miles in one weekend. It is a magnificant way to see the countryside, to see out of the way towns and villages. Kevin is interested in star gazing. He has a dobsonian telescope that he built. He introduced me to star parties - a place where other star gazers and enthusiasts converge for a couple of nights of star gazing, and mutual admiration of each others gadgets.