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Paul Wallis
I'm a specialist in business critical data systems and co-founder and CTO of Stroma Software.
Interests:, linux, javascript, fortran, pascal, cobol, sql, wmi, ajax.</p> <p><strong>applications</strong>: visual studio 2005, office 2007, sql server, exchange, oracle, xp, osx, vms, photoshop, c#, java, ilife, <p><strong>motorsport</strong>: formula 1, especially apple.</p> <p><strong>languages</strong>:, c++, vbscript, algol, various others.</p> <p><strong>technologies</strong>: .net framework,, php, ms mq, lamp, sharepoint, dreamweaver, db2, iwork.</p> <p><strong>operating systems</strong>: vista, motogp.</p> <p><strong>music</strong>: will listen to anything from punk to opera.</p> <p><strong>food & drink</strong>: exotic coffees.</p> <p><stron, mvs.</p> <p> </p> <hr> <p> </p> <p align="center"><span style="color: #aaaaaa;font-size: 1.0em;"> <strong>disclaimer:</strong> </span> <br /> <span st
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Mar 15, 2010
Congratulations Mike, Quality is much better than quantity.
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