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I recently traced my maternal DNA to the TIKAR as well and have a "theory" regarding why so much Tikar shows up in the Americas whereas the history and culture is relatively lost in Cameroon... #1) The Tikar were outsiders to that region, from the Nile Valley in the Sudan. #2) The Tikar dominated the area with their foreign Nile Valley culture- Iron & Horseback riding #3) Apparently other native West African groups who had been subordinated with the arrival of the Tikar fully resented this foriegn influence #4) This resentment led European traders to find willing partners with these subordinate groups #5) These formerly subordinate groups then used their technological and weapons advances to "punish" the Tikar... #6) Most western Tikar DNA is matrilineal, meaning that mostly Tikar women were brought to the West. #7) The higher standard of living the Tikar enjoyed may have led to them disproportionately surviving the Middle Passage #8) the lack of Male Tikar DNA in the West may signal the total decimation of the warrior class of Tikar that would have suffered with the introduction of European weapons. Anyway, these are jsut speculative theories I plan to investigate more thoroughly given the time...
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Aug 20, 2012