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Janet Khashab
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Jan 12, 2011
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Sep 6, 2010
Thanks for clearing that up for me...I knew about the text tool, but had no idea we could change the opacity. Off to play, now!
Francine, your layouts amaze me. I love how you capture the little (and big) stories that make scrapbooking what it is. I've been following your blog since right before Kiernan was born since I too, was a new (again) mom after 7 years. My older girls were 7 and 8 at the time and then I had a boy. His name is Adam and each time he napped or was nursing, I'd take my cue from your blog posts and journal another milestone. I scribbled notes along the border of a printed sheet of milestones I got off the internet and that is what kept me on track for the first year. This is HUGE for me since I wasn't scrapping when the girls were little and unfortunately have NO notes about any of their firsts :-( Now that Adam is 16 months old, I have many more stories to tell...the challenge now, as you pointed out with Kiernan, is getting a good enough photo that isn't blurred. That boy is on the move, and he is also a climber...into everything! Ah, boys...well, I'll be sure to keep tabs on you for more inspiration. I'll post some layouts from Adam's first year on Flickr later today or tomorrow. Again, thanks for the awesome work you do and your great week of hosting!
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Feb 14, 2010