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Aknb123 Seriously? You really think that the young man is dangerous? I have an autistic nephew who wants nothing more than for people to like him. If he thought that it would get him friends he would probably have sex with underage girls and never consider the consequences because he can't think that far ahead. Does that make him a menace to society or someone who can be taken advantage of?
While I don't think it is appropriate to teach very young children about the atrocities that humans visit on each other I do think that high schoolers are a different matter. Rosseau's "noble savage" never existed, except in his mind. Unfortunately, the Do's and Don'ts appear to appeal more to Rosseau's myth than to reality. Amerinds are part of an ancient culture whose development was prodigious as shown by the Maya, Aztec, Inca, mound people of Ohio, the St. Louis people who left behind a mound city, the farming tribes in the Ohio/Pennsylvania area that maintained orchards, the totem builders of the Pacific Northwest, the Dine (Navaho) and Hopi (heirs to the Anasazi?) to name a few. The advent of the horse profoundly influenced the direction of development for the western tribes, both Plains tribes and those further west, especially the Nez Perce. These tribes should be named and their accomplishments celebrated. But let us not forget that violence and superstition were as much a part of the Amerind culture as the European. I think now of the Pawnee who would occasionally kidnap a young woman from another tribe, treat her well, and then sacrifice her in a ritual involving a tribal myth about the planet Venus. I think of one tribe - name escapes me at the moment - who kept a part of the body of a dead enemy believing they then controlled that person's soul and could direct it to accompany dying friends to the afterlife. I also remember Father Isaac Jogues and his companions who were horrifically killed and their organs eaten so the power of the Jesuits could pass to the eaters. Let's be honest by all means, but let's be totally honest.
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Nov 24, 2009