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New York, NY
Co-founder of Mixel, blogger at
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I have "mad respect" (I think that's what the kids say) for the USPS, but it's not astounding at all that the government hasn't been able to make money on it. The simple truth is that postage rates are much lower than what you'd reasonably expect to pay to be able to drop a letter on pretty much *any* corner in the United States and have it show up pretty much anywhere else you want in the country within 72 hours. Like many services, Americans just don't want to pay for this one, even though they have come to expect that it's a veritable right of living in a free society. In my opinion, it's not quite accurate to ask "Why can't the post office make money on this?" Rather we should say, "This is important enough to us to either pay for it on a retail level or to properly subsidize through the government, and we're not doing either right now, so which will it be?"
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I just can't figure out why Captain America had to wear that dumb looking cowl-helmet.
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Thanks for the awesome write-up David. That "natural" feeling is what we focused on while making Mixel. We really wanted to something that would only be possible on the iPad. It's gratifying to hear when people can sense that.
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Dec 16, 2011