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I agree with the article incomplete statistics are only as useful as their completion has come thus far, it could easily leave out obvious anomalies. With 88% of Spotify offering content provided by one of the four Major labels that 12% is shared amongst several hundreds of independent artists and/or labels, Majors also holding 18% equity between them along with minimum ad-play payment deals with Universal mean that it will probably never look up so much for indies. The "discover music" is the key note but you can do that with piracy without paying somebody else to reep the benefit. In the new area of digital I agree that filesharing needs to be embraced and with Physical still making up the majority of album sales STILL then it's ignorant to lose sight of that. A problem I found is that the people who crave the physical and have to order online (due to lack of variety in stores) then have to wait 3-4 days to listen to their music. I believe they should be immediately given the files on MP3 feeding the immediate access craved by modern standards. I brought the album... why wait 3 days to listen to it? If you were downloading from iTunes and it said "3 days remaining" you'd be on the pirate sites too. Do people have the "right" to download the album is they have already brought it (morally speaking, of course it's still illegal). It is always strange to hear of articles talking about how one thing or another is helping fight or actually embracing piracy. The figures provided by BPI, RIAA and other such organisations are quite opaque, and they are legislating around these figures which are either estimates or show no clear route to the clear data proving this. So how effective can legislative actions be if they are to be based on estimates assumptions and unclear facts which restrict the way people consume music in their homes?
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Oct 15, 2011