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I am a Conqueror and Co-heir with Christ
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awww that's super super sweet! Man, You should express how you feel to this girl, if she's a really great girl. You wouldn't want to miss out on something special. Thanks for sharing a piece of your heart with us! =)
Veronica added a favorite at Post the Love
Feb 2, 2010
Veronica added a favorite at Post the Love
Feb 2, 2010
I'm so glad you shared your story. God bless you and may your love for God always be as strong as it is now. May he always guide your heart and your ways and protect you and bless you forever and ever, until he comes for you. Take Care. P.S. I really love this song from Third day, I've never heard it before.
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I completely agree with you. Hold on tight! until THEY are ready to go. Unless they're married or something and obviously it wouldn't be right. but if they're yours...then KEEP THEM! lol like Dear John....oh man, it's just so sad. I don't know if you've read the book, but maan in that case I wish that it was different anyway. I wish he held on tight no matter what ahaha.
I totally agree with you. I'm so sorry about your husband. Take Care, I'm sure he knew you loved him very very much! Now that you have your daughter you can pass that down to her. Instill in her how to love freely and to express her love. Love her unconditionally, show her and tell her how much you love her each and everyday. So that when she gets older, she'll be able to express her love and show her love to you and others without fear. Openly. Take everyday one day at a time, like it is your last. Thanks for sharing this. God bless. :)
Wow! That is really beautiful girl! I really like the ending. It's true! Sometimes as humans we take those ppl we love and love us for granted and when they're gone we realize they were our substance, our foundation that held us together. I've never had a special someone but I wouldn't want to do that. take them for granted, not give them my 100% undivided love and attention. That's why I do my best to give as much love to my family, most importantly my parents. because they are my world. Second to God, I love them more than anything. I know one day they'll be gone and I wouldn't want to regret not spending enough time with them, showing my love and appreciation. Good job! nice poem! :)
I have this quote on my FB account and I love it SOO much!! It really speaks to me. Many times I felt like I wasn't free to be me, to be brilliant and clever and beautiful, to have a voice, to really believe that I can reach any goal my heart desires. But when I read this quote, I realized that yes! I am allowed to be all that and not feel bad about or scared that ppl are going to judge me in a negative way. I realized that my talents, achievements and my strengths can inspire others to go for THEIR dreams, and to be confident in who THEY are as well, and not care what the rest of the world has to say about that. I just LOVE this quote and I'm glad you used it in your blog Channing. :)
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Feb 2, 2010
So I just finished reading Dear John this morning, and I have to say it was the saddest book I've ever read in my life. I've only read one other sad book and if you knew what it was, you would say I was heartless. But I'm not I assure... Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2010 at Veronica's blog
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Feb 1, 2010