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Jorge, I'd happily take over the one you decide to open in Orange County! ;-)
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Cuban inspired? Nah, I think they liked the idea of Cuban from recent news stuff, but really had no clue what Cuban food is all about. Even if their "Passport" had been to Spain, I would not have expected "real" Spanish Chorizo. They ARE just the Souplantation. And, yes, we all know that Cuban food has Spanish roots, just like we Cubans do (among other countries), but we definitely have some dishes that, when you first hear it you think "Oh, that's Cuban." Someone says, "Good cigar" and everyone thinks "Cuban." Someone says, "Tacos" and everyone thinks "Mexican." Someone says, "Chorizo" and everyone thinks ... well, they probably have different thoughts, but they for sure don't think "Cuban." ;-)
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HAHAHA! OMG, that Desi Arnaz line has me crying I'm laughing so hard. Thank you!
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Mailyn, Gracias! Amy, Thank you for believing I can do it! I'm glad you both loved the essay. :-)
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Jun 27, 2011