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Gerard Killoran
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Hi Paul, you might find this interview an interesting one. 'NEW ENVOY’S A PASSIONATE HORSE-LOVING ZIONIST MATTHEW GOULD could scarcely be classed as an old-school gentleman’s club type of ambassador. Relaxed, friendly and talkative, the 38-year-old, who takes up his post as our man in Israel in September, is a journalist’s dream interviewee. And gone are the days of patronising the locals. He wants nothing more than to immerse himself into everything Israeli — as well as representing Her Majesty’s Government. “You cannot do this job without being a passionate Zionist,” Mr Gould said on a visit to the Jewish Telegraph’s Manchester office. “It is like making aliya — without actually making aliya.” Mr Gould, who will be the first British Jewish ambassador to Israel, says that’s a quote from Tom Phillips, Britain’s current man in Tel Aviv. And there is no masking his excitement about his new tour of duty, which should last four years. He even hopes to celebrate his barmitzvah in the Jewish state. Mr Gould, who has just returned from a brief visit there, said: “Israel is a fantastic country. “My wife Celia and I were sitting on the Tel Aviv beach front with all the vibrant things going on around us and we talked about how we cannot wait to be there permanently.” ' His enthusiasm for his new job and the country is so gushing, his interviewer asks an astonishing question, 'However, I couldn’t help but wonder whether, as a Jew, Mr Gould would encounter any conflict of interest in his new post.' Interesting that The Jewish Telegraph feels it has to ask the same question as Paul Flynn. ps Paul, next time Martin Bright takes you to task, ask him about his infamous 'Great Koran Con-Trick' article in The Staggers. Bright was taken apart here by the very same experts he relied on for the above...
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Dec 5, 2011