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There's no denying it- the decriminalization and/or legalization of marijuana is a hot topic. The debate is growing more and more frantic as the date nears when a decision is to be made. Rhode Island has already put the gears in motion, making history by becoming the first state to seriously consider enacting a bill that would not just decriminalize the use and possession of the drug, but would also legalize it in quantities of one ounce or less to citizens at least 21 years of age. Here, I'd like to offer some data, facts, statistics, and personal opinions. Please comment freely, as I value all opinions held by those willing to examine mine. Whenever possible, please cite the source and/or author of any material referenced in your work. It is imperative to do so, as an informed opinion can only be reached if based on actual and accurate statistics and facts. I look forward to your comments, and my next installment shall follow shortly. Continue reading
Posted Mar 27, 2011 at Kimaguiar82's blog
I would offer to come over to visit them, no matter where or how far they may be. Once there, I would treat them with all the love and respect they deserve, but would never treat them as an invalid or show any signs of worry. As someone who has spent a great portion of the last 3 years either in the hospital or at home recovering from a life threatening condition, I can speak from experience on this matter- No one (unless perhaps they are hypochondriacs seeking solace) wants to be treated any differently than they were prior to illness/injury, just because others fear they may pass on. Such treatment offers the ailing nothing but confirmation of the undoubted fears they already have. I think it best to just treat those who are suffering the best we can, and more importantly do all in our power to let them know how loved and cherished they are. It is this kind of positive energy that can will someone to hang on and keep fighting, regardless of their ailment.
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