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Kimberly Kaci Albert
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So here's how it happened. After finding the little pictures, I went off in search of your email addy to send you the electronic files of them. Just when it seemed a fruitless quest, the light bulb went off (which was totally unexpected in my "blonde new world"!). I knew then that I was destined to send you a piece of real paper mail which I knew you would enjoy. I hastily put together a card I found in my drawer and attempted to make it unique with just a black sharpie and a glue stick, then gave it to our local "Blackheart" and asked him to make it snappy. The following week, I was over at Amanda's for lunch and a swim when I checked to see if you had posted. Imagine my surprise when I found that *I* was a Dear Reader! Not to mention my utter JOY at discovering the inchie with my name on it! Two surprises in one post that made my entire day...err...week...err...month? I'm so happy you liked the little pictures. Thank you for inspiring mortals like me to make life pretty. One little thing at a time. YOU, my friend, rock most of all!
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2010 on Paper, Scissors, Rock at You Can Call Me Gwen
I am so very excited! I have been delighting at each and every word and every picture and wishing I had more time to get to know you while we were both working at the doctors' office. I think we may have WAY too much in common. :) Still proud that I saw some of "The Eyes" up close and personal before they were all finished and framed. Been looking for a "project" I could help you with, and it looks like I've found one...the toothpicks. Knew I had seen them before and if memory serves, the "decorative" part is actually a detachable holder. is this what you were looking for?
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May 7, 2010
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May 7, 2010