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Kimberly Kenward
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Your parties are always a visual treat. I love all your special touches. The glitter and the extra colorful sprinkles on your treats make everything so magical. How fun that you have new characters joining you this year! I've got my Halloween party on my blog at: My past blog entries are also filled with Halloween party preparations. It's about Halloween this time of the year on my blog. Can't wait to visit everyone's parties! Thanks for hosting!
I'm so happy for you! How wonderful to have a studio at your vacation home. Have fun decorating and putting all your special touches in it.
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2015 on The Shed Project: Part One at Dime Store Chic
Desert doesn't get much more magical! I'm completely smitten with your fairy tree. Such gorgeous holiday pictures. Happy 2015!
Oh to have those prices now! The graphics are fantastic. Wouldn't they be fun to frame and hang in a kitchen or dining room.
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Fabulous! Well done. Bravo, bravo!!
I'm sure you will sell out!! Best wishes and congratulations on the article.
Toggle Commented Dec 13, 2014 on Crafty Wonderland Weekend at Magpie Ethel
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Love it! The owl adds the perfect touch!
A dream come true! Your own private vintage Christmas sale. I dream of such things!! Good for you!
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2014 on Estate Sale Adventures: Private at Dime Store Chic
I'm off to visit her book on Amazon too! What a great picture of the two of you.
You did well despite watching other vintage Christmas treasures being dragged away.
A trip down memory lane. What fun. Best wishes with the Vintage Home market.
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2014 on Hanging Around The Attic at Dime Store Chic
Fabulous as always!!
Love it all! Your home looks so festive! How wonderful to your Grandmother's aluminum tree too! I loved those mini shadowbox ornaments so much from Elizabeth's swap, that I keep mine up year-round on my pink feather tree in my craft room. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!
Squeal! Seriously wished I lived closer to visit your future show. You hit the mother load!
Toggle Commented Nov 4, 2013 on Buy and Brag at Dime Store Chic
Love your herd of reindeer. Easter is so hard to find. Good for you. Love the plastic Santa too. Treat bags!!! Yippee. It was a good day in estate sale land.
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I absolutely adore that children's menu. The graphics are amazing. I'm always amazed at what things are saved over the years. How nice that you get to rescue them! Love those over-sized matches too. I see lots of crafting potential with most of your lovely treasures. Good for you! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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Love those black and white photos. Those flower clusters are pretty neat too. A nice little haul. Chris came home with a box full of putz houses. A nice way to end a very long work week.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2013 on HI GANG..It is Estate Sale Friday at Magpie Ethel
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Love seeing where all the special treasures are stored!! So organized!
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2013 on Craft Stash Hallway at Dime Store Chic
Your booth is fantastic. I would have had fun digging through all your treasures. Congratulations on a successful showing.
Congratulations! You are one lucky lady and I can't wait to see what you do with some of your treasures.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2013 on Lucky Me! at Dime Store Chic
Love the new look.
Toggle Commented May 16, 2013 on New Look and New Goodies! at Dime Store Chic
Love your mini stove and that red tea pot is very sweet. Patch makes a fine model. I'm glad she is feeling better. I've been known to buy Josie doll beds and then end up playing with them more than her. Happy soon to be weekend!!
You are one dedicated shopper and it really paid off. I'm glad all your anxiety produced so many lovely treasures. Good for you.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2013 on The list of what could go wrong at Oodles and oodles
Love that chalkboard!!! Polka dots. Does it get any better? Sweet little case too. Of course, I love those bunny shoes. So very darling. Of course, your haul of Christmas/Easter is simply perfect. Glad the temps finally warmed up on this shopping day. Yea-Haw!
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2013 on Round Top Antique Fair - Day Five at Magpie Ethel
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You lucky lucky lady! Good for you on rescuing all those amazing treasures. Looks like great stuff for your June show.