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Scott I absolutely love this blog post. You had me at "First, it's about testing big ideas..." YESSS!!!!!!!! Personally I find Big Data exciting as long as I'm still allowed to use the word EMPIRICAL! The way we interact with the internet is changing all the time; sometimes simply because we got a new device or we found an awesome new app. Big data can help us educate ourselves and we can start to find ways to improve how we interpret and use data...probably we'll end up changing even more the data we ARE collecting and NOT collecting. Maybe Data + Experimentation = Greater Propensity for Useful Data!
Well it seems that at we use our fair share of goobbledygook words. Is their an SEO consequence? This blog post does an amazing job at pointing out the words - but I think it would be great for the community to understand more about the consequences....
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Feb 28, 2010