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Hi Paul- There are some who get this right, and some who don't. It is truly a learn as you go kind of marketing plan - no textbook, instruction manual or one size fits all effort will ever work in the SM space. That being said - we completely missed the radio show and really wanted to participate and learn more. More so as learning than to toot our own horns about how great we are. We are still taking baby steps - and greatness is certainly a goal once we're at the end of the ever-evolving space. We didn't see the tweet up notices for the radio show...guess we should have done things the old fashioned way and swapped phone numbers. Our booth was hopping with lots of activity, and we didn't do a presentation to bring folks in, so we were a bit limited in how we could connect with folks other than the occasional stop by our booth message. So, if you are planning a second run at a radio show - please connect. We've got a swanky email address that you'll appreciate We'd love to be part of what you do! All the best, Kim
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Oct 19, 2010