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Hi Bob, I'm in exactly the same situation as you: I want to move from to the self-hosted to consolidate my online presence. I've spent a heck of a lot of time trying to wrap my head around WordPress and even looking for alternative solutions with the functionality I need. I'm not trying to do anything extreme, but will need: 1. Blog with moderated comments 2. Some 20 "static" pages 3. Different sidebar content for different pages And this presented using my little company's graphics. I know something about HTML and CSS, so I even considered an alternative approach: design the site first, then add the WP functions. The PHP savvy this would have required, however, was way above my head. Like you, I finally decided to stick with WordPress after all. By now, I think I've learned enough about changing the PHP pages to make WP do what I want, such as registering more than one sidebar. I chose the bare-bones Toolbox theme, created a child theme under it to avoid unpleasant surprises later on, and am now in the process of tweaking the child theme to my liking. Unless I manage to insert a typo somewhere in the code, I know this will eventually work. But the main problem still remains. To be "easy and lightweight", the platform should be significantly quicker and easier to deploy, and most importantly, NOT require mucking with the code. As you said, people do not have the time to even create the content they should be creating, much less learn complicated systems. Thanks for enduring the rant! Best, Kimmo
What a relief to find someone else who is frustrated by this "easy, lightweight" CMS. WordPress may be easy for those who code for a living, but it should be a lot easier for us others who just want to USE it. It should be like driving a car. I want to get from point A to point B quickly and safely, and when I need to engage 4-wheel drive, I just pull a lever. It would be totally unacceptable that I'd need to disassemble the tranny and manually put the gears in position. Even a simple thing like displaying different sidebars in different sections of the site requires you to perform surgery on the source files. If you're not a professional coder, you're likely to make a mistake somewhere and have to start from scratch again. One of the main problems I've found with WordPress is that theme developers have not made the first attempt at standardizing their terminology. When will we see a genuinely modular theme that has human-readable instructions and can be deployed quickly?
Yes, if the amount of advertising increases along with your follower count or with the breadth of topics you tweet about, then I can understand there will be friction. I'm not a great fan of ads being forced on me either, but I've accepted it as a fact of life that you can't escape it. I think more and more people are becoming conditioned to tune out anything that even looks like advertising. I agree with you in the sense that every person has an "overload threshold" after which he or she will start looking for a more pleasant (read: less ad-infested) online experience. Alternatives abound. HootSuite probably knows this all too well. It will be interesting to see how they and all other free-service providers looking for revenue will match the public's aversion to advertising with their need for income.
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Nov 4, 2010