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Hi Dr. J. You have peaked my interest in Where's your fruit? Thanks for your great insights and i appreciate your gift of coaching and leading others to greater heights. With that said, i have a question, could fruit be both a noun and a verb? In other words, we use our fruit for others, but don't we have a mandate from Jesus to abide in the vine and love others the way he loved us, obey his commands and we will bear fruit? Wouldn't that be a different than using your God given gifts, purposes, to produce something? Jesus said if we abide in him we will produce fruit, but you said we will produce fruit when we use our gifts, which would you say it is? Or am i misunderstanding, which could be highly likely. I know i haven't been around in a long time, i have gone through feeling like a failure...for reasons that others feel that way about me, that i am not good enough for them, that i may have failed but didn't God use failures? but it seems others hold that against me. I paid for an education that no one wants me for, but i guess i deserve their rejection as i am a failure in their eyes. But don't feel bad for me, God did vinticate me in a comforting way. God bless you, Kim
So thankful for your teachings Dr. J, I do agree we must preach to ourselves first and then the log in our eyes gets smaller so we can see the beauty of others for just who God created them to be. We are to love all others no matter how different, they are God's creation, in the world after, our heavenly home they just might be our neighbor and as we were rubbed the wrong way, our living stone fits perfectly in the great mansion God created for us. We all belong to the Lord, no clicks, we are all ground level at the cross. Blessings! kim
Hi Dr. J, I wrote to you the other day and told u i felt that i was lazy, but the truth is i don't have enough things to do where i am fulfilled...i believe i have a calling to disciple new believers and those who need help. I do this on my own at home. I also love to be organized and have things fall into place. I love helping Kathy Rae with the volunteers. I am not fulfilled in our current job because it is not what i am made to do...i am a people person. I have a new job, but i just need to wait for new consumers. I do like your prayer to pray for the Spirit's help...i do pray about everything i do, and i have someone that prays for me too each day. Blessings in Christ, kim
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2013 on Pearl 95: The Spirit's Help at John Stanko
Hi Dr. J, I was just thinking this morning that I was not working to my full capacity...being lazy...i organized some things last night...but would love your tips on how to do this better. Thanks! kim
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2013 on Pearl 93: The Desire at John Stanko
Dr. J, What tips can make me better organized? thanks! kim
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2013 on Pearl 92: Organized at John Stanko
Wow, Dr. J, YOU have a very busy month! You are right that you could not do that in your own strength but only God could help you. You will have to share some of your tips to time management. I have an accountability prayer partner. We pray each day for each other's needs...we have seen God do the miraculous! We will be praying for you...blessings to all those you teach, they will be blessed to learn the important life lessons you have studied and applied to your life as a genuine Servant Leader who has wisdom and humility. Blessings to you, my brother in Christ, kim
HI Dr. J, I like your Monday memo and that what you said, "If you believe that Jesus was raised from the dead, then you can believe God for anything!" The scripture that says that we have the power of the resurrection, and what power that was!!!...when we have that power we "can" believe God for anything. But i am so content with what God has given me, even in debt, i know God will provide...I enjoy nature, i enjoy friends, i thank God for true friends, that are like a salve on a sore wound. Enjoy your Monday Memo!!! Have a powerful Resurrection Day!! kim
HI Dr. J, I like your point that deception is a real possibility...the attacks of Satan that i have had made me realize this and to keep on guard against this, i pray each day 139:23-24 "Search me, oh God, know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! and see if there is any grievous way in me"...we need to be guarded by what we think, are we hating others? God tells us when we do that the love of God is not in us, so we are walking with the devil, (so to speak) when we do that...are we forgiving others? if we don't Jesus tells us we won't be forgiven...which means we are in sin and separated from God and again walking with the devil...i could go on and on because we judge others, we give good only to get something back, we don't love our enemies and pray for them like Jesus tells us and we treat each other with secret pride and whose the greatest. We are in a battle and we act so casual (another deception). Another point you make is that we spend so much on today's buildings instead of missions because we are to win the lost as Jesus is coming soon! That is good advice, thanks and God bless you, your family and ministry to the lost and broken people of this world. We are to find our rest in him (Psalm 62:1) and what he thinks of us and it doesn't matter what others think of us because we stand on the finished work of Christ and his righteousness. Others are not going to say "well done, my good and faithful servant", only Jesus will say that, so we have him to please not others. Blessings! your sister in Christ, kim
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Jul 22, 2012