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Totally with Sasha here. Glenn, this was a thoughtful piece that asks questions that, frankly, a lot of the film blogger community doesn't want to look at for exactly the reasons you outline. But I would argue that it's not fanboys and nerd culture that's the problem, it's internet culture and the anonymity it affords people to be assholes to each other in ways they never would face-to-face. I've been writing on the internet for a long time now, and I can tell you the rabid hormonal mommies on parenting sites are as bad if not worse than some of the fanboys. I was targeted by an adoption mom group once for something I said they didn't like and while there were no death threats in that case, it was ugly. I stopped writing for parenting sites because the commenters were just awful to deal with. I agree with you that, in the film sector, the fanboys are probably the most irrational and rabid (I don't think I've ever seen a Nora Ephron fan go apeshit over a bad review to the extent we've seen with TDK), but Christ, I got emails threatening both me and my kids for a Cinematical post years ago in which I dared to assert that Keanu Reeves acting style is wooden. Just nuts. Does it seem to others, though, that the prevalence of the crazy in internet comments has gotten progressively worse over the past five years or so? Because it does to me, but I may just be hitting my maximum tolerance for abuse from random strangers and chest-puffing assholes generally. I can very much relate, Sasha, to the sentiment of feeling done with having to deal with it.
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